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About us

SOFTIA WEB is a young and innovative company with solid expanding plans, eager to develop complex and reliable software. We are always willing to learn more, constantly improve and be up to speed with the latest technologies.
While we try to choose the technologies based on the problem we are trying to solve, the main ones we work with on a daily basis are PHP, .NET Core, Java, MySQL, Redis and Docker.
We use frameworks like Laravel and Symfony on the backend side and VueJS on the front-end. RabbitMQ, Kafka and Elasticsearch are usually employed in the solutions we build. We are actively working on supporting an automated CI/CD process using Docker, Rancher and Jenkins (or TravisCI).

At Softia we are not looking to fill jobs, but to partner with our people. We encourage and reward individual initiative, innovation and creativity. We value team accomplishments and we believe in loving your job and in leaders who set good examples. Always willing to learn more, we are big fans of continuous improvement principles and we are always up to speed with the latest technologies. We have a room with a view in the heart of the city and we’ll be happy to share our dreams with you, at a cup of coffee.

Come work with us and make a difference!