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Our blog is the perfect place to get to know the team and the company and learn all about our adventures. You can also read our thoughts on important topics in the tech world that inspire us to develop the most reliable software. Our stories are all about passion, determination, and innovation, so get to know us and get in touch.


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Ladies In Tech Leading by inspiring experiences

  The technology industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world, with new advancements and innovations being developed at an unprecedented pace....

Did you know you need 2 step authentication?

You may have heard of 2-step authentication but not known exactly what it is. Let’s clear that up right now. 2-Step Verification is a way to increase the...

Softia Stories – HR Manager goals, challenges & more

We at Softia are lucky to have an amazing team. We work together, relax together, have fun together and solve any challenge together, whether we work from home or...

CSS Tips and Tricks 2022

CSS has been around for a long time and its evolution was quite the ride. Nobody can deny that CSS is one of the most important tools in web development and,...

Conflict in Agile Teams – Speed B Leas’ Model

  What is Conflict?     On an abstract level, conflict can be imagined as the result of two opposing forces being exerted one upon another. It is similar to...

UI and UX: What’s the difference?

There is often confusion regarding these two terms, UI and UX, especially among people who are just starting to dabble in the vast universe of Software...


Softia is the place to launch and develop your career. We are built by engineers, for engineers and always make sure we keep a high degree of meritocracy, we pay attention to our employees’ needs and build a fun and innovative culture.