We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: staffing outsourcing will be a game-changer for your time, effort, and cost-effectiveness. 


However, there are some countries that offer the best value for your money—less money, even. 


One of them is Romania, the land of IT specialists who are renowned for their grit, focus, and skill. Why, you may ask? Because the Romanian government, throughout the years, saw the opportunity to become more competitive by investing in the IT sector, and the results are here to speak for themselves. 


So, if you didn’t know it yet, you’re about to find out why Romania is one of the best choices you can make for your staffing outsourcing. 


Spoiler alert: the technical and financial reasons are impressive!



Why choose Romania for outsourcing? 

Technical reasons 


  • High density of IT specialists/capita

If Romania is known for anything, it’s the dynamic and highly skilled IT workforce. 


Romania sees the IT sector as one of the pillars of Romanian economic growth, so the IT specialists get high-quality training throughout their journey, especially during University. By the way, Romania has multiple Universities that are top-ranked in Europe and in the world.  


We’re mentioning this because it gives you a pretty clear image of just how valued the IT specialists are in Romania, and what training opportunities they’re given every step of the way. 


And the result can only be this: a super high density of IT specialists/capita, which actually makes Romania the leader in Europe in this category, while enjoying the sixth place in the world. With such benefits, who wouldn’t want to be an IT specialist in Romania, right? 



If you’re looking for the largest pool of talent, you might want to try


  1. Bucharest, Romania’s capital, which was named the best city in the world for remote working (due to the living costs, internet speed etc.), and is the largest tech hub in the country.
  2. Cluj-Napoca, which is the second-largest tech hub in Romania, with a lot of highly skilled and friendly IT specialists. 
  3. Iași, which is an up-and-coming tech hub. 


  • Good internet and mobile infrastructure

Romania has had a rough history up until not long ago, but ever since things started looking up, Romania has invested in its internet infrastructure and mobile network coverage. The internet speed in Bucharest is fantastic (one of the highest, actually) throughout most of the country, and the reliable internet infrastructure allows engineers to do their jobs worry free. The same thing is valid for the mobile network coverage as well. 


Geo-political reasons


We know, politics can quickly get boring, but in staffing outsourcing, it can be a huge advantage to outsource in a country like Romania. 


Here are some facts you should consider into your decision: 


  • Romania is a member of the EU and NATO, which means it benefits from a lot of EU-funded projects. 
  • Its position on the globe makes it perfect to overlap with the US in the morning, the entire Europe throughout the day, and in the afternoon with Asian countries. On that note, it’s important to know that Romania is also very accessible for the near-shore and offshore outsourcing, as well as for quick travelling opportunities for your employees. 
  • In the Romanian IT sector, companies can apply for tax exemption for their software developers. 


Financial reasons


Let’s jump directly to what interests you: the lower salaries.


Now, don’t get us wrong—we’re not trying to sell the Romanian IT specialists short. As we’ve described above, they’re highly skilled, so they bring an impressive ROI that’s well worth your money. 


That being said, you should know that their salaries are considerably cheaper than those on the western market. That’s because of the overall Romanian cost of living, which is cheaper than in the western countries. 


However, that doesn’t mean that they’re not motivated people. In fact, IT specialists earn on average 3x more money than the rest of the economy. Therefore, you can trust that your software developers will be living their best lives on a lower salary than what you would have to give a westerner. 




Cultural reasons


Let’s start with an aspect that’s extremely important for business: fluency in English. We’ve seen a lot of talented software developers struggling to work because they don’t know English well enough. 


That’s not a problem you’ll have with the Romanian IT specialist. It’s extremely common for them to know English well—most of them are even proficient. 


And now, another aspect that’s extremely important for business, but it’s often overlooked: Romanians are just friendly people. 


Many IT specialists are nice, empathetic people with a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed. They’re young, vibrant, and ambitious. More often than not, that makes a huge difference in the success of a project, and you’ll hit the jackpot with Romania’s talent.



There are several reasons why you should choose Romania for staffing outsourcing, the most attractive of them being the high-quality training of the IT specialists, as well as your opportunity to save some money while getting a ton of value (the price-quality ratio is amazing). 

On top of that, let’s not forget about the quick and easy communication in English, their nice cultural traits, and their strong work ethic. 

What a gem for companies who are looking for top talent, don’t you think?