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Join our Company

Softia is the place to launch and develop your career. We are built by engineers, for engineers and always make sure we keep a high degree of meritocracy, we pay attention to our employees’ needs and build a fun and innovative culture.

Master the tools of our trade

We speak and write fluently in technologies like PHP, Javascript, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Python, .NET Core or Docker

We use frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Django and Spring on the backend and develop our interfaces using VueJS, ReactJS, Angular or StencilJS.
All our data gets stored in SQL services, such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL or MSSQL, as well as NoSQL services – Couchbase, MongoDB or ElasticSearch.
To ensure scalability we employ technologies like Redis, RabbitMQ or Kafka in the solutions we build. We are actively working on supporting an automated CI/CD process using Docker, Rancher and Jenkins (or TravisCI).

Ready to raise your game?

  • We’re expanding our company and are looking for passionate, growth-minded individuals to join the team.
  • Softia is a great place to launch and develop your career because we are built by developers, for developers. We are problem-solvers that stay laser-focused on delivering value. We are a merit-based company free of bureaucracy, internal politics, and other non-senses that typically slow down the pace of progress and innovation at traditional companies. We take pride in helping each other learn and grow, while working in small teams and staying nimble.

Why Work at Softia?

  • Advance your career while working on innovative projects with small teams of great developers
  • Enjoy flexible business hours, a modern office, and a work-from-home day each week
  • Advance your compensation based on performance and your demonstrated ability to go above and beyond to drive results

Available Openings

We’re growing our software development team and want an experienced software developer to join us and take our product and its services to greater heights. We are looking for a colleague with a positive, can-do attitude, great attention to details, proactive and passionate.  This is a great opportunity to grow your technical and soft skills, while working with people having the same interests.


Full – Stack Developer

The line between front-end vs. back-end development is often blurry; especially when modern websites and software applications are involved. If you’re comfortable with all facets of software development — writing PHP, working with the Laravel framework on the back-end, and using Vue.js for front-end — then join Softia as a full stack developer.


What you’ll get in return:

We have grown from one idea to an ever-expanding team of 70 + colleagues, and we have gathered many lines of code as well as great stories between ourselves. We consider Softia our second home with a modern office view!
  • Great environment with experienced and helpful colleagues;
  • Career development opportunities;
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Attractive salary;
  • Medical Subscription;
  • Meal Vouchers;
  • A cool Fun Room with bean bags, Playstation, board games and ping – pong.

Our Office

It is well known that workspaces are the places where people spend most of their time during the day. With that in mind, Softia’s management has always focused on building a space where employees are not only productive, but they have all the necessary logistics and equipment they need to do their jobs.


We serve our employees and clients in a 1400sqm modern office situated in the heart of our home city, Bucharest. We take pride in using top equipment for all our engineers, high-quality conference infrastructure for the meetings with our remote clients and a complete fleet of testing devices using which we ensure our software offers great experiences cross-platforms.

How It’s like here