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Internet of Things

The intercommunication of all devices that can connect together as well as to the Internet, is a source of raw data. All this information, if filtered and processed, can be improved and automated, enhancing and improving your day-to-day life, shopping experience or medical emergency.

Our experience with IoT stems from our extensive work in the multi-family housing industry, where we’ve helped large apartment communities control security, utilities, and amenities to serve residents and co-working space subscribers.

a spider web of your data!

From warming up your home and lighting up your stairs to completely locking and shutting down your apartment complex, our experience and solutions can help you automate your business and understand when and where an issue is happening so you can implement solutions faster. Most of our partners are large property asset management funds, and our solutions are used within large housing complexes ,office buildings and co-working spaces, to automate, optimize energy consumption and drive forward the property technology (Proptech) industry.


Our integration with industry-leading protocols helps our clients stay connected in a rapidly converging world of devices and systems.
We strive to build and offer integrated solutions, like ‘Alexa pay my rent’ on Amazon, so you or your tenants can enjoy their smart house (and soon car) regardless of their location….city, country, wilderness…no matter!


We take great pride in our team’s ability to deliver complex projects while learning how to discover innovation opportunities, leverage new technologies, and deliver value to our clients that far exceeds our code. We encourage our team members to explore, learn and grow through experimentation and feedback loops.

We always make sure we stay up to date with all recent technologies. Our engineering team is constantly focused on making sure our software is aligned to code standards, best practices and performant algorithms or design patterns.

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