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Mobile represents more than half of the world’s internet traffic. With native mobile app development for both iOS and Android, we help our clients develop, deploy, and maintain apps on the App Store and Google Play. Softia’s holistic approach means that your products work as well on desktops as they do tablets and phones — regardless of your existing tech stack.

Your Business in a Pocket

From the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, to your own hand held device, the world of gadgets has come a long way and also gave birth to operating systems and the Internet, and later, applications, be them desktop or mobile.

On a daily basis, platforms across the world are communicating with mobile devices on average one in every two interactions.

We cater to both major fan bases, so, regardless if you enjoy iOS or Android, we can help develop your idea or start from scratch with just a goal on paper. With dedicated teams for each operating platform, we can tackle everything you may throw at us.


Why work with us

  • From Sketch to the Smartphone, we can empower your business with the latest and best suitable technology.
  • High-res screens and Thought through User Experience
  • Network architecture and security
  • Scalability and High-Availability
  • Cross-device support
  • Ongoing development and maintenance


We’ve spent our entire activity helping institutional clients to develop services serving the Real Estate industry with solutions using top technologies. Our deep understanding of property-centric software makes us an ideal development partner for proptech companies of all sizes.



We cater and offer communications software solutions, orchestrating all standard channels (text, voice, email) with modern chats, social channels (Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Whatsapp), video conferencing and even IoT devices in single, easy-to-use user interfaces.



Our solutions help US credit Institutions as well as consumers who want to apply for a loan, and take them through fully integrated platforms of document generators, electronic signature and e-payment.



We can create your online one-stop-shop, for all your customer needs or a dedicated brand shopping experience, it all depends on your needs and ideas.


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