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We cater and offer solutions for the integrations of all communication channels (chat, email, voice, text, chatbots) from smart homes or buildings, IoT devices, etc. into a central interface, like Contact Center services so your business can react as soon as possible with the best possible solution.

A Single Pane of Glass?

With every new application and each novel technology comes the main challenge of integration and system communication and the same applies to each business looking to ride the digital wave.


We are here to help you make sense of all the data and information, offering to assist in integrating all your software and hardware as well as all the necessary tweaks, to ensure you can view each vital sign of your business.
We have helped our clients to improve the communications with their customers, offer complex interactivity solutions, reduce contact-center costs and implement innovative ways to better understand the needs of their platforms and how to better use the newest communication platforms in the market

Contact Center Solutions
Social Network Communications
IVR Systems
Chat Bots
Video Conferencing Solutions
Virtual Assistants

Why work with us

  • Data gathered is always available so you can make the best decision in moving your business forward.
  • We have helped customers integrate communications channels (text, email, chat, voice and chatbots) from a wide array of devices (smartphones, houses, IoT devices) into a single dashboard to ensure low to no business downtimes.
  • With the help of powerful integrations, we can help you, literally take your business with you anywhere in the world .
  • Make your business mobile!

Web development

You can bring your own creation for an overhaul, or we can brainstorm together the best of ideas when it comes to developing your website, or building your dream application.


Mobile development

Mobile Applications’s adoption has reached values that have never been seen before. Our holistic approach means that your products work as well on desktops as they do tablets and phones — regardless of your existing tech stack.

Artificial Intelligence

AI helps you leverage the data you already have to make smarter decisions. At Softia, we’ve used it to help clients understand their customers’ attitude & satisfaction, provide support, and organize imagery.


Internet of things

Our experience with IoT stems from our extensive work in the multi-family housing industry, where we’ve helped large apartment communities control security, utilities and amenities to serve residents and co-working space subscribers.


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