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Financial services technology requires extensive experience with information security, privacy, regulatory compliance, and systems interoperability. Our work has focused on credit, screening, payments, and online applications within the rental housing, insurance, and mortgage industries.

Your Personalized Digital Banker!

As a still emerging Industry, at this moment, FinTech is considered the integration of information technology with financial services, competing in a traditional market with the help of the Internet. It is comprised of new applications, processes, products or different business models in the financial services industry that are enhanced or upgraded using different technology solutions.


Although the FinTech market is still without a defined border, our products in this industry are closely linked with many credit institutions in the USA. We help many businesses, by providing solutions that help automate the loan sector, like credit score ratings, background screening process and online applications as well as ensuring strict data security at all times.

Digital Loans & Mortgage


Credit Score

Online Payments

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Why work with us

  • We know technology and we understand money!
  • Our rich background helping US Credit institutions as well as many loan offices, is here to help you protect your business.
  • We have helped many credit institutions protect and grow their business by offering their customers an end-to-end electronic loan application.

  • If you are here to disrupt the Finance Service industry, we are here to help.

Web development

You can bring your own creation for an overhaul, or we can brainstorm together the best of ideas when it comes to developing your website, or building your dream application.


Mobile development

Mobile Applications’s adoption has reached values that have never been seen before. Our holistic approach means that your products work as well on desktops as they do tablets and phones — regardless of your existing tech stack.

Artificial Intelligence

AI helps you leverage the data you already have to make smarter decisions. At Softia, we’ve used it to help clients understand their customers’ attitude & satisfaction, provide support, and organize imagery.


Internet of things

Our experience with IoT stems from our extensive work in the multi-family housing industry, where we’ve helped large apartment communities control security, utilities and amenities to serve residents and co-working space subscribers.


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