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Property Technology, or Real Estate Technology is everything that involves the world of information technology mixed with the platform economy that cater and serve to the real estate market and industry.

Our clients are international large management funds, whose assets we help control and manage, via software solutions that mainly handle smart home housing complexes and office buildings.

How Smart is Your Property?

Real estate technology includes software and services for the built environment, including residential homes, multi-family apartments, commercial buildings, and short-term vacation rentals. Our products offer a fully digitized and optimized screening, renting and leasing experience, as well as various maintenance services.


Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we also handle the Digital Asset Management and Manipulation part. We ensure no laws are bent or broken, and the only one in charge of your IP rights, over the various marketing photos or videos, is you, as our software generates all legal documents. You can even schedule and hire a professional photographer or videographer, so you can direct your own marketing video and photo shoot.
We help businesses read, understand and implement current market trends with in-depth software solutions for market analysis and business intelligence, so they know if they are ahead of the curve and riding the proptech industry wave and know the value of their properties and real estate assets.

Multi-Family / Single-Family
Short-term Vacation Rentals
Digital Mortgage
Market Analysis
Digital Asset Management

Why Work With Us

  • Your property and all legal ramifications are covered as our solutions also handle the Digital Asset Management and Manipulation side.
  • With 70% of our current customers in the PropTech Industry, we have grown alongside them, so you can leverage our great working experience.
  • We have automated large housing complexes, belonging to International Management Funds throughout the US territory, and still offer ongoing support.
  • Make your Property smart, not just your house!

Web development

You can bring your own creation for an overhaul, or we can brainstorm together the best of ideas when it comes to developing your website, or building your dream application.


Mobile development

Mobile Applications’s adoption has reached values that have never been seen before. Our holistic approach means that your products work as well on desktops as they do tablets and phones — regardless of your existing tech stack.

Artificial Intelligence

AI helps you leverage the data you already have to make smarter decisions. At Softia, we’ve used it to help clients understand their customers’ attitude & satisfaction, provide support, and organize imagery.


Internet of things

Our experience with IoT stems from our extensive work in the multi-family housing industry, where we’ve helped large apartment communities control security, utilities and amenities to serve residents and co-working space subscribers.


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